laboratory services

From a single laboratory to a full R&D facility, AVER has the expertise to assess, plan and deliver the change of use or removal of your laboratory. Tenants and landlords alike are rightly concerned about future legacy liabilities. We have extensive experience of managing these concerns and advising on how laboratory decontamination can be managed and addressed in addition to completing the decontamination works required.

Having completed a full assessment of your facility AVER will identify the most appropriate works to enable its safe handover whether it be for new fitting-out or as part of a dilapidations process. The most effective way to address the liabilities may be the cleaning and/or removal of fixtures and services or the partial/full strip-out of the facilities. AVER will work with your team to devise a decontamination plan which ensures the safe delivery of the project within your timescales and within budget.

See our projects page for recent examples of laboratory decontamination or email, call 07582 959695 to discuss how we can assist with your project.