recent projects

Pharmaceutical Plant, Sweden (2019) Acting as consultant, advised on the practicalities and logistics for the dismantling and decontamination of a pharmaceutical powders recovery system (including OEB5 product powders).  Evaluation included risk profiling to identify the appropriate sequence and schedule of work to ensure continuity of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Industrial Estate, Enfield (2019) Commissioned to assess, recover, remove and dispose of the debris and Hazardous Wastes that had been abandoned at a former specialist inks manufacturing site prior to refurbishment works.

API Plant, Ireland (2018/19) Decommissioning and decontamination consultancy services a part of a large-scale project to decontaminate and demolish an API plant. AVER advised on the process and practicalities of undertaking these activities to enable appropriate handover to a contractor for demolition.

Abingdon, Oxon (2018/19) Decontaminated and removed redundant acid (HF and HNO3) distribution systems and fume cupboard arrangements as part of the refitting of this specialist Li-battery manufacturing and development facility.  Contract extended to include the listing and scheduling of surplus equipment and market testing for re-sale purposes.  Following agreed sale of equipment, AVER undertook the dismantling and recovery of selected items for shipment off-site.

Hinkley Point A, Magnox (2018) Reviewed available PCB data for former transformer bays at this power station site and devised a decontamination method to recover the identified contamination.  Scope extended to include the water treatment facility that had served the Turbine House to the power station.  Assembled a bespoke team to undertake these on-site works for the Principal Contractor over a 3-month period. Works required extensive Confined Space (Medium Risk) working within transformer pits and tanks, to enable recovery of the Haz Wastes for packing and disposal.

Dalry, Scotland (2018) Provided specialist advice and input into the assessment of the extent of nickel contamination within a former fine chemicals process/manufacturing facility including identification of the extent and contamination within the building fabric and its safe management and recovery as part of the demolition project.  AVER went on to assist with the physical decontamination activities to complete this part of the project.

Oxford (2018) Commissioned to decontaminate a biomedical research laboratory which had previously handled cytotoxic materials. Contact areas were treated and the working areas and services removed for disposal to enable later re-fit.

Harlesden (2018) Commissioned to decontaminate and remove clinical areas previously used for the handling and formulating of cytotoxic pharmaceutical products plus the removal of extract systems within industrial units.  Specific site controls, facilities and working regimes were established to enable the project to be completed prior to the main strip-out works.

South Korea (2017) Decontamination consultancy for the implementation and execution of a decontamination programme at a former cytotoxic APIs manufacturing facility.  Works involved on-site monitoring and assessment as well as preparation and review of decontamination procedures and operations within the site GMP requirements.

South Wales (2016-19) Technical Specialist for the decontamination aspects of dismantling and recovering an oil refinery. Developed techniques for addressing the remaining contamination issues as well as evaluating the extent of remaining hazardous chemical materials. AVER also provided regular monitoring and oversight to record the progress of the decommissioning works and to provide advice on the environmental controls.

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