site clearance

At the end of an industrial/commercial tenancy or in the case of abandonment AVER undertakes site clearance works to prepare facilities for new tenants and/or change of use.

AVER can remove the guess work in determining what wastes and hazardous materials may be present from discarded materials and in the different extract systems and services within the facility; sometimes these are only identified when the site is cleared to enable new occupation of the facility particularly in relation to external grounds where these have grown over and need clearance.

AVER will undertake the site clearance as a single operation, decontamination the facility and remove the wastes and debris. Inventories are maintained of the materials recovered and the appropriate re-use, recycling or disposal option carried out for the materials.

This service utilises many AVER capabilities and this has been found to be most beneficial in turnaround of industrial and commercial properties including science parks, laboratories and industrial estates.